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How It Works



Once you have registered and been verified by us, you will become fully visible to verified brands/businesses on the site and ready to start receiving offers to carry out endorsements on your social media. 

You choose on your profile how much you want to charge for a post and which social media platforms you are willing to use.

When you are made an 'Offer' you have the choice whether you want to accept or decline. If you click accept, the brand/business then gets notified and once they transfer the money into our secure escrow/holding account (Mango Pay) the endorsement then becomes known as a 'Live Offer'. You will be notified when your 'Offer' has turned into a 'Live Offer' and this is the time when the endorsement is ready to be completed by you. You will receive payment 48 hours after the 'date of post'.



As soon as you are registered and verified you will get full access of our site, allowing you to find the celeb or celebs you want to endorse your brand/business on social media, create listings and shortlist your favourite celebs.

On the celebrity profiles you will see what social media platforms they are willing to use and how much they charge for a post. 

When you are ready to make an offer to a celeb simply click 'Make Offer' on their profile. In your offer you can include; what social media plaform you want them to use from their approved list, details of what it is you want them to post about, the date you want it posted, the exact text you would like in the post as well as a picture and URL link if required.

If the celebrity accepts your 'Offer' you will be notified and if you wish to complete the endorsement you must transfer the agreed fee into our secure escrow/holding account (Mangopay). This then becomes known as a 'Live Offer'. The celebrity is then notified to carry out the endorsement as you requested.

If you feel the endorsement was not carried out correctly you can raise a dispute within the 48 hours after the 'date of post' by following the link in the 'Live Offer' and we will pause payment and investigate.

To comply with advertising regulation we ask that #ad or #spon are included in every post.



A multi-post campaign means you are able to have a celebrity or a variety of celebrities endorse your brand or business over multiple posts on social media. You can tailor your campaign to run over a selected period of time to your specification with the celeb or celebs you want. If you have a budget or a target demographic, we can select the right celebrities to suit you.