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Here at All So Pro we believe in the power of celebrity on social media.

That's why we have created a straightforward and secure platform, which brings together brands and celebs to create social media endorsements.

Once registered and verified by us, simply choose from the celebs on our site and make them an offer to post about your business. A celebrity will choose on their profile what social media platforms they are willing to use and how much they will charge to post on each one. When making an offer to a celeb you can include details regarding your offer and business, the date you want it posted and the text you want included in the post as well as a picture and URL if required.

If you require more than one post from a celeb or a variety of celebs, take advantage of our 'Create a multi-post endorsement campaign' service.


  • Having a celebrity endorsement is like a seal of approval for your brand or product.

    Have your business or brand seen by thousands of people quickly and efficiently.
    Increase business and credibility
  • Use your established following to your advantage and earn money.

    Use a celebrity’s followers to tap into new markets and increase sales.
    Make money
  • Find a brand or a celebrity to create long-term endorsement campaigns which reflect your personality or business.
    Create perfect partnerships
  • The more posts you complete, the more money you get.
    A new source of income
  • If there’s a type of brand you love, you can create a listing to say you want to work with them, or even discover new brands through their listings.
    Work with brands you love
  • Get access direct to the celebrity through our platform.
    Time efficient and cost effective
  • Interact with your followers by telling them about the products you love.
    Engage your followers
  • Profile celebs to reach a specific demographic and even tap in to potential markets.
    Target your audience
  • Use the followers you have to create exciting endorsements with interesting brands.

    Watch your followers grow as celebs endorse your products and push your brand to the forefront.
    Utilise and grow your following
  • Have a celebrity endorse your business.

    Stand out.
    Get your brand noticed by a new market

We strive to create great relationships that last, which is why integrity and protection is of the upmost importance to us. To get full access to our site everyone who registers will be vetted by our team. Once verified we hold a strictly confidential service as written into our terms and conditions.

ALL SO PRO. Endorse. Get Paid. Easy