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Why this week is vital for Christmas Celebrity Endorsement



Raise brand awareness and increase sales leading up to Christmas

It’s only days until December, and brands are looking for effective Christmas celebrity endorsement strategies that will create a final push for sales and promotion. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, and though some of these offers are continuing, it isn’t suitable for all brands. So what are companies to do?

Christmas celebrity endorsements and social influencer marketing are something that brands should be turning to, and certainly should have budgeted for in December. With all the major Christmas campaigns now in full swing, retailers this year have pulled out all the stops. The John Lewis advert is very fast replacing the Coca Cola lorry, offering the first sign of Christmas, and several competitors are now following suit. And several of them this year are focused on using celebrities to market their brand and products. Even the John Lewis advert includes famous bands/musicians performing their own cover versions of classic songs, often released as a single.

This year, Tesco’s have their usual duo Ruth Jones and Ben Miller, whilst Sainbury’s have James Cordon and M&S has Actress Janet McTeer as Mrs Claus. Even House of Fraser use a beautiful cover version of Ready or Not, by award winning singer Laura Mvula. So even though you may not have the budget, team and resources to match or compete against the John Lewis Advert, there are elements that you can implement that means you can use Christmas celebrity endorsement to raise brand awareness, profile and sales.

1.Know your audience, and select the celebrities and influencers they are talking about and engaging with. What celebrities are going to benefit from using your products? For example, if you sell hair care products, send them to a celebrity who loves hair or a blogger who writes about it.

2.You can spend time finding agency details directly, but this is tedious and extremely time consuming. When you use All So Pro, you can contact celebrities directly, and make them an offer through the website. 

3.Set T&Cs, this is particularly important as we are rapidly coming up to Christmas. Set posting deadlines, where you want them to post, any offer codes that need to be used, comment and text (though try to keep it as organically as possible) and provide any images that need to be used.

4.Make a plan! This is extremely important as you will need to manage the results, and promote the collaborations.

5.Track sales. You need to analyse the success of the endorsement, so you will need to have tracking in place. The most effective strategy is to use a specific code just for the individual celebrity for a % off. This will allow you to see how many people are ordering from the website. Also, use Google Analytics to trace traffic and engagement.

This kind of endorsement will allow you to catch the Christmas rush within the next couple of weeks, and create instant promotion.


Why not contact us, to find out who we work with, how we work and get your Christmas celebrity endorsement campaign up and running!