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Celebrity Endorsement Trends

For 2016, social influencer marketing and celebrity endorsement have become solid strategies in business and marketing plans. Brands and companies are looking to celebrities and influencers to promote their brand, increase their profile and drive sales. However, it is set to evolve even further in 2017, and taken more seriously as a PR and sales funnel.
Below, we have shared our top seven social influencer and celebrity endorsement trends for 2017, that all businesses need to consider and integrate.
Quality vs Quantity
Top celebrities and influencers are expensive, and smaller companies and brands may struggle to budget for them. Instead, they will choose lesser, and more small time bloggers who don’t have the followings or oomph to create a buzz or ROI. Brands need to realise that, even if they only select one top figure, it will create a better ROI and influence than 10 little known ones.
Long Term Engagement
Brands are harnessing the power of celebrity, with several celebrities at one time. It is time to consider longer term campaigns with one celebrity. This will ensure confidence in your brand, better customer retention and brand engagement.
Actual Conversions
What do you want from celebrity endorsement and social influencer marketing? It’s time to start building proven track records, but it isn’t all of the brands responsibility. You are paying someone for a service, and there are risks involved when working with paid influencers. Celebrities and influencers need to start putting their own strategies in place to provide real time results and information to the brands that they are working with.
As social influencer marketing and celebrity endorsement grows, there is a stronger accountability. Currently, endorsements are tracked by impressions, or targeted discount codes. This will no longer be good enough. Measuring the number of clicks and increase in engagement is now vital for brands, and it is important to implement measuring tools, to measure impact and conversions.
Understanding your audience
Many brands make the mistake of selecting celebrities and influencers based on factors including followings and price. Brands need to be smarter, and choose individuals who match their brand ethos, and who can present their products/services to an already engaged and waiting audience that values their offerings.
Celebrity endorsement and social influencer marketing is a time consuming process. Brands need to source bloggers/celebrities, find contact details, negotiate and create content, as well as reporting. Brands need to implement a more effective system to manage this, and create protocol to make it much more successful.
That’s where we come in!
All So Pro, allow brands to directly contact celebrities and influencers, make offers and track results. We are also implementing other services to make this process easier, quicker and more effective. All So Pro moderates your celebrity campaigns.
What are your celebrity endorsement strategies in 2017? Our social influencer and celebrity endorsement trends and predictions will ensure that you grow your brand next year. For a complimentary consultation for All So Pro, please contact us and see how we can help your business.